Rob Grange

From Flint, Michigan spent Rob spent his days working in the GM Shops, the GT Railroad and West Amps, building the Amps for many Michigan rock bands, such as Dick Wagner and the Frost and Grand Funk Railroad. While spending his evenings in local bands, Rob gained his bass chops. 

Early days of Amboy Dukes

Joining the early band after several member changes within the Amboy Dukes, Rob was involved in many songs as an unaccredited co-song writer, such as Great White Buffalo, Pony Express and many others. In the long run, these songs became popular in Nugent's long careeer. 

Ted Nugent Band '71 - '78

"When Derek St. Holmes joined the band, the wave was underway for success. He was one of the best unknown rock vocalists out of Michigan. With Cliff Davies joining as our drummer and co-producer, we had all the right players in place. Derek on Vocals and 2nd Guitar, Cliff on Drums/Vocals/Keyboards, and with the charismatic and unique playing style of Ted Nugent on Lead Guitar/Vocals and me as Bassist/Vocals. The natural chemistry of this line up pushed the band, up the charts. The combined  song writing of all of us, pushed the band to success. This resulted in Gold/Platinum albums and one of the top grossing rock bands of the '70s. To this day, the record sales of this band, still out sells Nugent's entire catalog. " Rob Grange

The "Stranglehold Bass"

Building the first P/J Bass with Custom Upgrades

In the early '60s and "70s there were no P/J basses. Rob, being an early craftsman, who grew up mentoring under Dave West of West Amps, took it upon himself to modify his own bass. He took his early '62 Fender Precision and added a Pre CBS Jazz pickup. He also added a Master Volume and an out of phase switch and a toggle to switch between pickups. When he co-wrote "Stranglehold" it was Rob who came up with the main pulsating bass line, using an early MXR "Script" Phase 90.  

In Martin Popoff's book, "Epic Ted Nugent", Nugent admits that the song  "Stranglehold" was co-written by Rob Grange, yet he never received a  share for co-writer. "Stranglehold" would set the stage for Nugent's  career, a guitar-driven track over eight minutes long - its famous  guitar solo having been recorded in a single take. It also ranked the 31st greatest guitar solo of all time by Guitar World.